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Christadelphian Sunday School Union

Welcome to the CSSU web site

illustrations © Emily Honey

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We hope you like our new web site and find it useful. If you have any problems or comments PLEASE send us an email or 07774-643921

We've changed things

Now you only need to login if you want to order books

Over 500 lessons online

All the lessons in our syllabus are available to be downloaded - go to 'download' (or click here). Each lesson has notes for teachers and young people.

Don't forget ...

We have some brilliant books suitable for giving to children and young people as gifts and prizes.
For more details look here


An online pool of resources for teachers and youth leaders. To access click here, or to contribute send Caz Parsons an email

71 plays online

Scripts to download in Word format, so you can edit them to meet your needs. Click here for more details.