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Christadelphian Sunday School Union


In the UK there are systems to try to ensure that people known to be unsuitable for working with children or vulnerable adults are not able to do so. The CSSU acts as an umbrella body enabling checks to be made which identify if someone has a criminal or disciplinary record that might affect their suitability.

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We work with two bodies.

How to proceed

If you decide that you wish checks to be made, you will need to go through an umbrella body; you cannot go directly to the DBS or Disclosure Scotland. There are many umbrella bodies - you can find them on the internet. In general, umbrella bodies are set up as a business, and make significant charges for each check they process. All umbrella bodies will require you to agree to policies for how you will use the information you receive, and may have additional policies with which you might not agree.
For these reasons the CSSU decided to register as an umbrella body, and to provide a service to act on behalf of ecclesias who wished to have checks carried out.

If you wish CSSU to help you in this way,

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