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For Infant, Junior and Senior Classes the CSSU follows a four-year syllabus, and prints lesson cards showing a timetable of lessons.  In the UK the year runs from September - August, and the lessons cards follow the same pattern.  There is no set syllabus for Study Class.  The syllabus runs like this, God willing.  For details of the Infant and Junior syllabi, look under 'Infant' and 'Junior'


Infants and Juniors



Year 1

Creation to David - Beginnings
The Life of the Master - The Life


Year 2

Apostles in Action - To the Ends of the Earth
Creation to David - The Promised Land


Year 3

Prophets at Work - A Divided Kingdom
The Life of the Master - The Master


Year 4

Apostles in Action - Beginning at Jerusalem
Prophets at Work - Exile and Return


Why follow a syllabus such as this?

The CSSU has developed this syllabus with care, believing that it brings real benefits:

The Syllabus and this Web Site

The web pages have been designed to make it easy to follow the CSSU Syllabus.  When placing an order, publications are by default set up so that you will order items for the current year's lessons.  You can of course select other materials if you want.