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Prizes and Gifts

Prizes and Gifts

A choice of books suitable for each age group.

  • 'Jonah' is suitable for younger children, just able to read.
  • 'The Adventures of the Time Reporters' is aimed at children aged 8-11.
  • Dan's Diary and Henry II will appeal to younger teenagers
  • 'The Wanderful Years', 'Persecution', 'Anointed' and 'King' are suitable for all teenagers, provided they can stop their parents reading the books themselves.
  • 'Timescope' is more suitable for older teenagers.

The Wanderful Years (197 pages, paperback)

or ... Israelís Wild Wanderings in a Wasting & Woeful Wilderness. Hannah Hayles' latest book 'isnít about the story. Itís about all those facts in the story you never knew, probably never wanted to know and most decidedly wonít ever need to know'. A great read, full of important lessons.

Prize Labels

A sheet of 8 self-adhesive labels with an attractive and modern design, suitable for use when presenting a prize or another mark of recognition. Sheets are slightly larger than A4; labels are 105mm x 74mm, and can be written on with a ball-point or fountain pen. More details here.

Bible Heroes (card game)

A fun card game for all the family, featuring Bible Heroes and Villains

Living Stones (95 pages, paperback)

A collection of true stories. The contributors have all had experiences which have led them to understand that God is in every aspect of our lives

Persecution (180 pages, paperback)

This beautifully written book by sister Hannah Hayles follows the remarkable events that surrounded Esther and her family as they faced the impending holocaust that was about to sweep through the Persian Empire. A gripping read for all teenagers and an eye-opening portrayal of life for young Jews 2500 years ago. To find out more click here

Anointed (314 pages, paperback)

David's just an ordinary shepherd boy whose world has just been turned upside down ... he's just been anointed king. Wierd. But even wierder because there's already a king of Israel. So begins a struggle of epic proportions. Two anointed kings, one throne. Both chosen by God. Only it's not quite as simple as who is the strongest, who has the greatest army or who's the most popular... Written by Hannah Hayles


Another fascinating book by Hannah Hayles. This tells the story of the goings on within King David's household from the time when he becomes King in Hebron to the coronation of Solomon. It is told from the point of view of Chileab the son of Abigail, who became David's stepson. Although he was the eldest in the family, he would never be king.

Daniel's Diary

Dan's Diary

This book tells the story of Dan, a young teenager who, through new neighbours, begins to learn what the Bible is all about. In his diary he writes about the doubts and problems that he faces, and how he resolves them through learning about the Bible, by prayer, and with the help of the Christadelphians next door. Written in an amusing and realistic style, and appropriate as a prize or present.
Previously published in two volumes as Daniel's Diary and Daniel's Diary Too.

Time Reporters

The Adventures of the Time Reporters

This book (176 pages, paperback), written by brother Steve Wilson, would make an ideal gift for a child aged 8-11.
It tells the story of a Sunday School class in a fictional(!) ecclesia. The room where they meet contains the entrance to a time tunnel, which enables the children to travel back in time so that they can observe at first hand the events in this week's lesson.
The challenge they face is to achieve what nobody has managed previously: to complete the newspaper that describes their travels.



This is a novel suitable for older teenagers, built around the true accounts of Biblical characters. It tells the story of the involvement of Jon Heath with the Timescope, his personal agenda and the consequences of his greed. He is brought face to face with Biblical events in a vivid and exciting way.


A book you can give as a prize, or just as a present. The story of Jonah, written by Thomas Gaston and beautifully illustrated with 20 full-colour pictures by Mary Gaston. As well as telling the story of Jonah and the great fish the book brings out the lesson of God's love for the people of Nineveh.

Henry II

Henry II

Henry II is a second collection of illustrated stories, based on those which have appeared in Bible Explorers magazine. They deal with practical situations in the lives of young people.