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Lessons for children aged 3-6

Year 1

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Old Testament

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1 God made the world
2 Noah builds a boat
3 Noah is saved from the flood
4 Abraham leaves home
5 Abraham lets Lot choose
6 Isaac is born
7 Isaac marries Rebekah
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8 Jacob and Esau
9 Jacob and Laban
10 Joseph and his coat
11 Joseph in the pit
12 Joseph - slave and prisoner
13 Joseph in the palace
14 Joseph forgives his brothers
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New Testament

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15 The birth of Jesus and John
16 The shepherds learn about Jesus
17 Jesus grows up
18 Jesus calls Matthew
19 Jesus goes to a wedding
20 The ten lepers
21 Jairus’ daughter
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22 The story of the lost sheep
23 The story of the kind stranger
24 The story of the two sons
25 The story of the ten bridesmaids
26 The poor woman’s gift
27 Jesus and the children
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28 Wicked men kill Jesus
29 A stranger on the road to Emmaus
30 Jesus has dinner with his disciples
31 Jesus leaves his disciples
32 Pentecost
33 Jesus helps his friends
34 Jesus’ friends in prison
35 He is coming again
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