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Lessons to download

All the lessons in the CSSU syllabus are now available in pdf format. There are still some things to be done - missing Quiz Weeks for instance; but we're getting there!
If you want to download anything solely for personal use in your Sunday School or youth group please go ahead. For any other situation, refer to the copyright statement towards the bottom of this page. In downloading files from this site you agree to conform to this copyright statement.
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Lesson Materials

As you can see below, the CSSU syllabus is divided into four age groups, each covering four years. In each year there are around 35 lessons, and for each lesson there are notes for the teacher, together with appropriate material - worksheets or other activities - for the children and young people. For details of how the senior lessons (for ages 11-14) fit into the syllabus, click here.

for ages 3-6

for ages 7-10

for ages 11-14

for age 14+

Creation to David (in years 1&2)
Prophets at Work (in years 3&4)
The Life of the Master (in years 1&3)
Apostles in Action (in years 2&4)

Within each group of lessons we are including the Teachers Notes, the Students Worksheets and, where they exist, pictures to colour and Quiz Packs.

Proof stickers

Sheets of proof stickers based on Bible verses (NIV). 18 to a sheet. The proofs do not follow the CSSU lesson syllabus, so choose whatever seems most appropriate. Print onto Avery J8161 or L7161 sticker sheets (Staples do an own brand equivalent).
Set 3 (shorter)
Set 3 (longer)

Project Packs

A project pack is a group of five activities based on a scriptural theme. They can be useful as material for use in a Holiday Club, Youth Group - or in other situations where you need some 'fill-in' activities. Click on one of the links below to download a pdf file containing all five activities.

for ages 3-6

for ages 7-10

for ages 11-14



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Making a donation

We realise that by making things freely available we will be losing some of our income. So if you download lesson notes perhaps you could consider helping us financially, so that we can keep down costs in the future. Thanks.