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The CSSU produces resources for Sunday School teachers and Youth Leaders.
It also publishes magazines for children and young people and arranges an Annual Gathering for teachers and youth leaders.

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We have a wide range of materials for many different uses. Our intention is, wherever possible, to put everything online so that anyone who wants to use it in a Sunday School or Youth Group can do so.
Please feel free to download lessons for your own use (but observe the copyright statement).

Other things (sorry, for Christadelphians only)

We also produce printed copies of everything, but we're not a commercial organisation and we aren't able to cope with the workload of providing books to the whole world.
So ...
If you are a Christadelphian you can order printed books from this site. Click here for details.

We are sorry that we can't supply everyone who would like to order printed books from us, but reluctantly we have had to admit that we couldn't cope with all the requests we were getting. If you're interested in the Bible and would like to know more about God's Word, click here.

Welcome back! So what's new?

starDon't forget ...

We have some brilliant books that are suitable for giving to children and young people as gifts and prizes.
For more details look here

Next Teachers' Gathering

7th October 2017, God willing

Barton-under-Needwood, UK

More information here.


Share Zone

We are working to create an online pool of resources that would be useful to teachers and youth leaders. To access the ShareZone click here, or if you have some ideas or contributions, please get in touch with Carole Parsons

star All our lessons online!

The CSSU Committee has been working since 2009 to make all the lessons in our syllabus available free of charge on our web site, and that process is at last complete. There are 553 lessons online, each with notes for teachers and young people.
You can read lesson notes and worksheets on your PC, tablet or smartphone; at home, on the train or during your lunch break.
Or if you suddenly find you're going to have some extra children in your class, it's easy to print out extra copies of the worksheets.
Click on 'Download Lessons', or here.


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proof stickerNew Address for orders

Christine and Andrew Walker have moved to

8 Weavers Way,
Twyford, Berkshire,
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0118 9345 176

Orders through this web site - no change.

proof stickerMore Proof Stickers!

A second set of proof stickers is now available. 36 new proof verses which you can print onto sheets of labels. Longer and shorter versions appropriate for the children you are teaching. Click on 'Download lessons'.

star71 plays now online!

We've had a Play Library for years, but now we've revamped the index and we're putting the plays online in Word format. You can download them and adapt them (if necessary) to your needs. Click here for more details.


If you live in the UK you will know that for several years there have been various systems set up to try to ensure that people known to be unsuitable for working with children or vulnerable adults are not able to do so. Over that time, in England & Wales and in Scotland, the CSSU has acted as an umbrella body enabling applications for Disclosures to be submitted.

From June 17 2013 two changes came into effect in England and Wales:

  • Applicant-only certificates: DBS Certificates will soon only be issued to applicants and checkers will no longer get a copy through the CSSU.
  • Launch of The 'Update Service': This new subscription service lets individuals keep their DBS Certificate up-to-date so they can take it with them when they move jobs or take on new roles.

There is in general no legal requirement for Sunday School teachers and youth leaders to have Disclosure checks, though many ecclesias and camps have decided that it the wisest course, and others have found that in practice it becomes necessary to carry out checks. There is more information here.

For information about how to order what you need, click on 'How to Order things' in the menu on the left.